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A Body in Balance Heals Itself

Meet Honey Golden

Natural Health Specialist

     The goal is to help bring balance to body and soul to achieve health and happiness. The natural state of our body is health. To achieve this we must clear the way, let go of subconscious blocks, let go of toxins, and balance the physical body. This is the way to long term health and happiness within the skin your in. 

     The skills I bring to help you have the healthiest life possible are varied and apply to many aspects of health. I started this journey to heal myself from thyroid disease around twenty years ago. To heal the body as well as the subconscious mind is a life changing  gift in this modern day world and we all deserve that gift of wellness.

Certifications Include: Nutritional Consultant, Zone Technique, Distance and in Person Reiki, and Advanced Intuitive.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Everything is Energy

working with energy to heal


Learn what foods will give your body the best health. And the easiest ways to incorporate them.


Find out if intermittent fasting would help you in your journey to health. 


Our bodies are not set up to carry as many pollutants as we are now burdened with. Learn how to let toxins go and support the body.

Zone Technique

Zone technique is a spinal cord stimulation technique that heals the brain and balances the body. 

Weight Loss

A balanced body lets extra weight go. And delicious healthy food supports this.


As the subconscious is cleared of fears and attachments stress disappears.


Honey's ability to pinpoint the system that needs working on has been spot on accurate. I think my favorite part is her ability to listen deeply and get to the root quickly.

— Debbie Martin


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